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Taylor Swift on Nicki Minaj for the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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VMA Red Carpet- See which celeb would want to sit by Taylor Swift and how they “shake it off”

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Taylor Swift swipes her 60th Hot 100 hit… Only one female act has made more Hot 100 visits: Aretha Franklin, with 73.
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Chaving In: 13 chapters

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"Taylor was drinking slowly throughout the night and by the time the concert was over she had a good buzz going and you could see that as she drank more the more touchy she got and multiple people backstage said she was pressed up against Ed while talking to him”


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Hmmm….Toby? Or maybe even Spencer!

(There’s no way they would kill Spencer though, right?)

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I don’t really keep in touch with many of my ex-boyfriends. But there are some digs in the album for sure.Taylor’s untouchable. She made country quote-unquote ‘cool.’ And she made it OK to talk about your problems. And be vulnerable. And talk shit about your ex-boyfriend. That’s so fun! Everyone wants to do that.
—Lucy Hale on calling out ex-boyfriends, Taylor Swift-style. (x)
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